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locks2love detroit

HI everyone,

You’ve arrived at DeniMarie’s web site Locks 2 Love.  Here you will find out not just a bit about me but the wonderful products and services of fine companies like SisterLocks® and Lilla Rose.

I love all the roles I serve in life among them being a wife, mother, friend and business woman.  It is in this last capacity that I discovered I could bring women a new level of satisfaction with the condition and appearance of not just their hair but overall from head to toe.  I am able to do this as a fully trained and certified Sisterlocks® Consultant and by introducing women to the exciting hair accessories I am able to offer as an authorized distributor for Lilla Rose’s line of hair jewelry and fashion accessories.

I have found that I am really able to make a difference in women’s lives, allowing them to pursue active, healthy lifestyles without having to worry about damaging their hair and allowing them to look great from head to toe while they are doing it.  Women can now protect, adorn and enhance their hair while embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.

So follow me now through the links above and discover a wonderful world of hair health and beauty!  Don’t forget to bookmark all these sites because I know you’ll want to be back soon.